What is UnLyme?

UnLyme is an extractor for "LYME_SFX archives" as a perl script. I don't really have a clue as to what software produces these archives or whether they do have an official name different from this. All I know is that the firmware updates for Samsung printers seem to come in this format, that the files end with the magic string "!LYME_SFX!", and that this script can unpack them.


Please note that subdirectories won't get unpacked as such (should anything like that be supported by the format?), but instead you'd probably end up with file names containing backslashes or some such, and that forward slashes in the names of the extracted files will be replaced by underscores as an easy way to avoid writing outside the specified destination directory. The latter could lead to name collisions, of course—you'll get an appropriate error message if that happens.

Please note also that this script is not safe against compression bombs—so be careful with feeding untrusted data to it in an unsupervised setting.


You need to have perl and the perl module Compress::Raw::Zlib installed for this to work.


Version Source PGP signature
0.1 unlyme-0.1 (3.2 KiB) unlyme-0.1.asc


In case you were wondering how to reach me: Florian Zumbiehl <florz@florz.de>, PGP key AF260AB1. Usually, you find me as florz on Freenode and OFTC, too. <xmpp:florz@florz.de> should do, also.